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Boca Raton magazine is on the front lines of local issues and events

in South Florida, covering the lighter side of life like dining news

and fashion, to more substantive issues and trends. We help our

readers navigate the dynamic lifestyle of this region through profiles

of the people making it happen as well as the best experiences in arts

and entertainment, dining, travel, health and beauty and more.

We specialize in great storytelling. From explorations of local history to

the stories behind the headlines, we’ve got our finger on the pulse of

South Florida. Throughout our three decades of operation we’ve been

winning legions of sophisticated, educated readers who are curious

and crave new experiences; we drill down past the obvious to find the

best, the unique, the special.


Our emphasis on great storytelling and content is coupled with a

commitment to quality design and production. No other medium can

capture the flavor, color and rhythms of the region like our beautifully

produced magazine.


We invite you to get to know us and our readers who return issue after

issue looking for the best of life in South Florida.