On behalf of everyone at Boca Raton, many thanks to the vendors, sponsors and guests who shared in Thursday night's "Best of Boca" event at The Shops at Boca Center. Our magazine's 30th anniversary celebration, which benefited the Greater Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce's Golden Bell Foundation, featured some 30 restaurants, all of which delivered jaw-dropping and delicious fare.

One particular treat took center stage as singer Cat Shell led the crowd in a rendition of "Happy Birthday, Boca Raton magazine"-a stunning multilayered cake topped by an edible gift bag filled with goodies that represented the culture and lifestyle featured in every issue of Boca Raton.

Credit for this custom-designed spectacular goes to Ruthie Webster, owner of the local Cakes by Ruthie, who spent more than 40 hours building the seven-layer work of art.

"When I first embarked on the project, I thought mostly about the fashion aspect of Boca Raton," Ruthie says. "But then I started reading some back issues of the magazine and I realized that it was so much more than fashion. You truly capture the Boca lifestyle-and I wanted the cake to embody that."

Though the cake appears to have five layers, two of sections-the middle part with the "30" and the decorative gift bag on top-each consist of two layers. Ruthie used gum paste to create accessories and details-like the Jimmy Choo shoe, the lettering, or the ribbons, pearls and sheet music inside the bag-and roll fondant, which has the consistency of Play-Dough, to mold and shape the outside of each layer. The sugar accessories, alone, took nearly 10 hours.

Those interested in having a designer creation by Ruthie, who had previously worked for The Ritz-Carlton in Manalapan and Las Veags, can reach her at 561/460-6306 or e-mail her at cakesbyruthie@gmail.com.

Special thanks also to the sponsors of Thursday's Best of Boca-including Vista BMW; Premier Beverage brands Herradura, Gentleman Jack and Bonterra; Salon Oasis; Filly & Colt; Wish; and Altier Jewelers. Also, kudos to The Buzz Agency for all the hard work and time that went into staging the event.

We hope everyone had a wonderful time! Thank you for being part of our 30th anniversary celebration.