Food and restaurants, their effects on our culture and communities, is a pretty meaty subject, one that a half-dozen local luminaries (and then there’s me) will tackle tomorrow at a “Food, Cuisine, Culture and Community” symposium at the Delray Beach Public Library(100 W. Atlantic Ave., 561/266-9490).

It’s not too late to get tickets (at $25 a pop) for the day-long session, which begins at 8:30 a.m. with smoozefest and Continental breakfast and goes on until 3:30, finishing with cooking demos by a trio of hot local chefs—Wes Bonner of Publix Apron’s Cooking School, Chris Miracolo of the superlative Max’s Harvest, and Patrick Broadhead of the still wildly popular Max’s Grille.

There will be lots presentations (followed by Q&A’s) to sink your teeth into: Wes Bonner on food and cultural identity; “Farmer Jay” McCobb on sustainable gardening; Nancy Roe, who runs the estimable Green Cay Produce, on the realities of eating locally in SoFla; even me, giving my twisted take on the local restaurant scene. (Hint: it’s bigger and better than ever.)

Oh, and lunch too, plus tastings. After all, you’ve got to feed the stomach as well as the head. To get those last minute tickets, go to