Image by Red Frog Events. LLC
While thousands of people will flock to Miami this weekend for the international Art Basel extravaganza, others will head to Deerfield Beach’s Quiet Waters Park (401 S. Powerline Road) for one of the most insane athletic events to hit South Florida.

Warrior Dash will be held this Saturday, December 3, for the most fearless athletes and party-goers.  The race is called a “mud-crawling, fire-leaping, extreme run from hell" and that may be an understatement. The dash is  3.1 miles of extreme terrain and perilous obstacles. Roughly 10,000 runners are scheduled to take part.

What obstacles will the runners face?

Oh, just a scrap yard of rusted vehicle wreckage, thick mud pits, hurdles of scorching flames, massive tangled cargo nets, and X-shaped barricades with barbed wire. (Don’t worry-- there will be paramedics and an ambulance on site in case of emergency.)

The race begins at 8 a.m., followed by waves of 500 racers every half hour until 4 p.m.

Racers are strongly encouraged to wear their ‘best Warrior attire” and are crowned with fuzzy Warrior helmets before they begin.

The event also features superb Warrior grub, like turkey legs and beer, as well as live entertainment.

For more information, visit If we don’t see you in Miami, we’ll assume you are getting dirty in Deerfield.