I was one of those people I normally hate this year—presents bought and out the door two weeks before Christmas—but that doesn’t mean I don’t pick up a few straggling last-minute gifts for my friends and hostesses…here are five I’d recommend if anyone out there is in panic mode. (And add your own ideas! We’d love to hear them…)

1. A really expensive bottle of imported extra virgin unborn crazy good olive oil from Williams-Sonoma you’d never splurge for for yourself (my friend Lisa Ocker always sends me this and I am eternally grateful).

2. “Midnight in Paris,” the feel-good fun movie of 2011—I suspect I could watch this 1,000 times .

3. The Delray Beach International Tennis Championship is offering from now through December 31 tickets that are half off for box and reserved seats, with deep discounts for other seating. Call 561/330-6000, or go online to YellowTennisBall.com

4. Cinemark Premier Club tickets—the ultimate.

5.  One session in the new trendy Salt Suite (3100 S. Federal Highway), breathing in healing Dead Sea salt mist (This is so trendy your cool quotient stock will sky rocket). Call 561/316-7258 for more details.

And if you are all caught up on your shopping, I say buy one or all of these for yourself! Merry Christmas!