Sometimes the wait time in an emergency room can be scarier than the reason you are there. According to the American College of Emergency Physicians, ER wait times are at a record high. Because of this, many people avoid the ER all together—even when in need of care.

But Tenet Florida is changing the way people think about an emergency room. Tenet has implemented InQuickER (you may have seen the billboards along I-95), a free service that allows patients to book a time online at all Tenet Florida hospitals, including the hospitals in our area listed below. The simple process consists of filling out an online form and selecting your time block. The service aims to keep wait times to less than 15 minutes and doesn’t interfere with other patients, so there is no “cutting” the line.

“We know people want more convenience and communication in the ER experience,” says Dr. David Katzin, chief medical officer at Tenet Florida. “Many emergency room patients end up waiting several hours in waiting rooms with no indication of when they’ll be seen. With this service, users enjoy the convenience of choosing a projected time to see a healthcare professional in the emergency room.”

The online service has other benefits too. Besides saving you time and reducing anxiety, the less time spent in the ER, the less prone you will be to picking up some else’s germs. “Lowering the time spent in an ER may reduce exposure to some infections spreading in the waiting room,” Katzin says.

To access InQuickER visit:

Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center:

Good Samaritan Medical Center:

St. Mary’s Medical Center:

Children’s Hospital at St. Mary’s:

Delray Medical Center:

West Boca Medical Center: