South Florida weather can mean a bad hair day. We spoke with Julie Czarnecki Eggleston, hair stylist at Sky Salon in Boca (1675 N. Military Trail at Town Center Road; 561/338-7597; to find out what’s hot for hair in our area and the common mistakes both stylists and clients make in the chair.

Read Your Client

“The best stylists listen to the clients,” Eggleston says. “But while listening, they also watch the client as they speak because hand movements show one thing while words say another.” For example, a client may say that they want a lot of layers throughout, but their hands are focusing on the ends of the hair. Some stylists would cut short layers, but the customer’s hands are really indicating that she wants long layers, Eggleston says.

“I had a client ask for full bangs straight across her forehead,” Eggleston says. “But her hands were clearly showing a side swept bang. It’s not a fun mistake to make! The wrong cut bangs can be traumatic for a client.”

Hottest Styles in Boca

1) Loose beachy waves for a flirty, tousled look

2) Braids! Long, ponytail, bang-taming or fishtail

3) Smooth, straight hair with long layers and face-framing pieces

4) Long bangs

The perfect side bangs

While hair is wet, comb hair down and forward. Hold hair with tension between fingers and blow-dry straight down towards chin. Once dry, smooth ends with brush. Push to one side.


How to Communicate with your Colorist

Color expert Cassi Frielich of Frank Cassi Beauty (125 Worth Avenue, Palm Beach; 561/833-7883) gives us this straight-forward guide on how to talk to your colorist:

1) Client says: Darker

Colorist hears: Richer

Decoding: Less faded/brassy looking

2) Client says: Chunkier highlights

Colorist hears: More contrast

Decoding: Brighter, blonde, piece-y

3) Client says: Brighter

Colorist hears: Like snow

Decoding: Lighter level of highlights

4) Client says: Brighter

Colorist hears: Like the sun

Decoding: Add pieces of gold

5) Client says: Darker blonde

Colorist hears: Less single-process looking

Decoding: Add dark contrast or tone down over