When I walked into Boca Brows at Bliss Salon & Spa (17940 North Military Trail; 561/370-9482; bocabrows.com; $30) for an eyebrow wax with the “Boca Brow Girl” Andra Taksey, I was really nervous. I’ve been a threading devotee for more than a decade and have been known to preach about how superior threading is to waxing. But I decided to try waxing again for one reason: Taksey was trained by the queen of eyebrows, Anastasia Soare (who most of just know as Anastasia), brow designer to the stars and creator of her own makeup line sold at Sephora and Nordstrom. When Oprah, Madonna and Jennifer Lopez are your regular clients, then you must be doing something right. So to find someone in Boca that had this kind of training really intrigued me. And apparently I’m not the only one because Taksey is booked solid at least a week in advance, even though she is doing eyebrows 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. every weekday and rarely even gets time for lunch.

Taksey takes her time with each client and appointments run up to 30 minutes each. For someone on the go like me, this was excruciating to sit through because I love to be in-and-out and on my way. But the reason behind it is simple. Take your time and the results will speak for themselves. And my eyebrows have never looked better.

“I genuinely care about my clients,” Taksey says. “I know this sounds cheesy, but I want them to put their best brow forward. My clients are my walking models.”

Taksey’s technique is different than anything you have ever seen. She uses a regular hand mirror (not a lighted magnifying one) at various angles while doing her work.

“You have to be able to see the whole face and the movements,” Taksey says. “Faces look different when a client is lying down. Faces move and change shape with expressions. And if a client has Botox, I need to be able to see how the brow will look at different angles and with different face movements.” 

Taksey uses amber wax, which is more expensive, but less abrasive than other waxes. The $30 price tag also includes a complimentary lip wax. I still love threading, but Taksey may have just changed my mind.

What’s your favorite facial hair removal technique? Who is your favorite eyebrow shaper in Palm Beach County? Tell us in the comments!

*For more on the ancient art of threading, check the blog next month!