It’s always been something of a mystery why South Florida, blessed with an abundance of fresh, delicious fish and shellfish, has so few dedicated seafood restaurants.

It’s still a mystery, but perhaps not so much of one, as a nation-wide chain of seafood eateries is planning an August debut on Clematis Street in West Palm Beach.

The restaurant is Tin Fish, the brainchild of Joseph Melluso, whose piscine experience includes running and consulting for several seafood companies and who hone his culinary chops under the tutelage of Italian master chef Giuliano Bugialli.

No word yet on the specifics of the local menu, but a check of the Fish’s Facebook pages shows a menu of all the usual seagoing subjects, from crabcakes and fish sammies to chowders and fish tacos to platters of grilled and fried seafood. Burgers and chicken too.

Check back for more details when they become available.