It was Thursday night July 12, 1962, in a London basement club called the Marquee when the Rolling Stones first cranked it up. It was just before the British Invasion in the states but in London back then the Stones were known as Mick Jagger and the Rollin’ Stones with Keith Richards, Brian Jones, Dick Taylor on bass and future Kinks drummer Mick Avory. I was in junior high in London then, and I remember that the Stones were the bad boys, the Teddy Boy thug version of the band we all adored, The Beatles. Still, they persevered and now, 50 years later, no one has moves like Jagger—or ever will. Or, as the man himself said, “A good thing never ends.” To commemorate the great Stones, tell us your favorite Stones song, contemplate the wisdom of Mick (Oh, you can't always get what you want/But if you try sometimes/You just might find /You get what you need) and check out these five things you may not know:

• One of the cameramen on the 1970 documentary film about the Rolling Stones, “Gimme Shelter,” was film director George Lucas.

• The cake that was featured on the cover of the Rolling Stones 1969 “Let It Bleed” album was baked by future TV star Delia Smith.

• The 1967 Rolling Stones single “We Love You” features John Lennon and Paul McCartney on back-up vocals.

• The song “One Hit (to the Body)”, featured on the Rolling Stones 1986 album “Dirty Work,” featured Jimmy Page on guitar.

• It is rumored that David Bowie sings back up on the Rolling Stones song “Time Waits For No One.”