Everyone is always talking about what’s happening downtown on Atlantic Avenue, and we tend to forget there's a big wild west out there—with a great vibe of its own. I was out in west Delray a couple of days ago talking to Farmer Jay of Farmer Jay’s Pure Organics, who was filling me in on his mission to get us all to grow our own. It was one of those scary heat-index-hovering–in-the-Death-Valley-range days, but out west under the trees in a grove of royal palms it was peaceful and shady and there was a red pig named Pearl splashing in her swimming pool. I always forget that sense of calm that can come when you get out of town, either a visit to Bedner’s, or a walk in the Loxahatchee, or a turn through the Morikami gardens.

But not everything out there is all-bucolic; building continues on Delray Marketplace at Lyons and Atlantic, slated to open November 15. And if drifting through the natural world is not your cup of tea, you will love what’s coming here. Check it out: Frank Entertainment’s Cinegrille and Bowl: a theater with 12 screens, at least one of which will be an IMAX, and 16-lane bowling alley; an amphitheater; Cabo Flats Cantina, Max’s Grille; Global Beer Collection; Francesca’s Collection, Republic of Couture, Charming Charlie Chico’s. And there is more.

So by the start of “season,” the action in Delray is only going to escalate, with a whole new component out west.

On a more immediate note: Don’t forget to get your Tastemaker’s passport for the event next Thursday and Friday nights—lots of fun, great bites and drinks, packs of people roaming around—It’s a don’t-miss summer event.  You can get all the details here: