Every now and then you get a little piece of news that just lights up the day, that reminds you things sometimes really do work out the way they should. You see that stuff on facebook all the time, the dog that gets adopted, the soldier who comes home and surprises his daughter at school, the person who turns in a wallet found on the street.

One of those moments happened to me this weekend when I got the news that Delray Beach magazine won Best Feature at the 2012 Florida Magazine Association awards. Winning first place, what we call a Charlie Award in the industry, is always good news but to win for what was a serious story in our first year of publication by a writer who almost never gets his just due—well, that was special.

The story was called “Crossing Swinton” and it chronicled Delray’s racial strife, the integration of Seacrest High School, and the ongoing unease in our community. The racial divide has long been a real issue in Delray, even though no one likes to admit it.

The story was written by longtime Delray writer and resident Rich Pollack who does a lot of work for a lot of people around here, some of it not very glamorous or well-paying, But he does it, he cares about his work and I have always been able to count on him.

This was a story Rich very much wanted to do, and it was different from anything he had written for me. I wondered if he could handle it, quite frankly.

When he turned it in, I started reading it and I didn’t stop. It was good. It was better than good. It was the best thing Rich had ever written for me and in my heart I knew it was a winner.

And this weekend, the Florida Magazine Association judges agreed with me.

So, Rich Pollack, here’s to you for writing a sensitive, balanced and compelling story that embodies everything we want Delray Beach magazine to be. You won the top prize, and you are Number One in our book.

Thank you.