My girlfriend and I are looking to get a little frisky outside of the bedroom. Any advice on pulling off a most discrete public display of affection? --Tom

Tom, It’s not really PDA if it’s discreet, right? But I get the drift. You want to get it on while no one is the wiser. The thrill that comes from sexual acts in public places will spice up your sex life for months afterwards.

Here are 10 ideas for some serious PDA that, kept discreet, won’t get you arrested for indecent exposure:
    •    the beach at night under a blanket
    •    an airplane bathroom  
    •    dark alley or parking lot
    •    the ocean
    •    a hotel balcony
    •    in the car (tinted windows a must)  
    •    dark movie theater
    •    elevator
    •    department store dressing room
    •    the office
I’ve personally tested and approved all of the above. Enjoy!

My beardy boyfriend is very proud of his facial hair.  Very proud.  I’d love to see him smooth a little more often, and he really gets testy when I bring it up.  Is there anything else I can do, besides try to take a razor to his face the next time he passes out to catch a glimpse of his mug? --Bare

Bare, yeah. Throw your razor out. I’m serious. Desperate times call for desperate measures. If he won’t shave then neither will you.

Originally I was only going to suggest you go au naturale in the private areas but more and more men actually prefer that look again. (Must be the resurgence of 70’s porn.)

It’s the forest on your legs that will finally get him. When he finally asks why you are so hairy tell him you’ve decided to forgo the razor until he does.  

I’ve been in a relationship for five years and I’ve decided it’s time to get out, but that means finding my own place, own furniture, and probably a war over the cat.  When it comes to starting over, what is the smoothest route to take? --Billie

Billie, you want the good news or the bad news first? There is no easy way out. This is a major dissolution and will be a huge disruption in your life. Believe it or not, you’ve actually already tackled the hardest part by making the decision to leave. Often people live in limbo and misery for years, so you deserve credit for being strong enough to face this head on.  

The next few months there will be moments that will seem overwhelming. Take everything in stride and resolve to know every step is one closer to the future you want.

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