After a great date with a great girl, I called my mother to chat. Not long after hanging up, I received a text from my date saying my mother had “friend requested” her on Facebook.  My mother, I guess, was looking at her profile after our talk, and accidentally “friended” her!! Damage control! Quick! --Last Poke

Last Poke, it’s universally acknowledged that Moms aren’t the best with technology, specifically Facebook. So while, yes, it’s a little embarrassing, just give this great girl the truth. Moms are embarrassing sometimes. It’s what we do. Laugh it off.

However, I would have a chat with Mom and ask her to refrain from stalking your dates. And teach her how to creep on Facebook without getting busted! (Despite your scolding, she will do it again.)

Angela, I’ve heard that it is “bad form” to friend someone on Facebook after talking to them on or any other dating site, but how do I know what they are really like unless I can see their day-to-day activity? --Kait

Kait, “Day-to-day activity”? Maybe I’m a little old fashioned, but you haven’t even met this person and you want to track them? You need to step away from the computer for a moment. Finding out more about your potential date via Google or scouting to see if you have mutual friends is acceptable, but “friend” status isn’t necessary until after you’ve chatted over a latte. Or two.

You get to know what someone is like by spending time with them, asking questions about their life and interest…not clicking through pictures of their Cabo vacation two years ago.  

My girlfriend and I had a pregnancy scare last month, and while I’m relieved we aren’t welcoming a little one into the world, we both have since noticed a steep decline in our libidos.  When will we start having sex again? --Cal

Cal, your sexual chemistry will revive itself. You went through a very dramatic situation together, one that could have changed your life. It’s completely normal for you to associate sex or any sexual desire with an unwanted pregnancy right now. I would be patient with each other, and more importantly, commit to a reliable birth control method. While no method is fail proof, choose one that will leave you both more confident in your protection. Eventually this will pass and you will be back to your normal routine, including sex.

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