People get their backs up when it comes to opining about certain foods. Like ice cream, pizza, French fries, and worst of all—barbecue. For some reason, Americans get completely sideways about who makes “real” barbecue or the “best” barbecue; there are contests and debates (vinegar-based vs. tomato-based), geographical showdowns (Carolina vs. Texas vs. Georgia vs. Chicago, etc. etc.) But almost everyone agrees that South Florida is not known for its ‘cue. (I, myself, prefer mustardy- vinegar –based smoked pork butt, but no one does that here.)

However, I have news. Big news. Tim “Swamp Daddy” Snow, which is the name I am trying to get people to call him now for no good reason, has discovered—and shared with me— a place that has good barbecue. Here. In Boca. The place is called Super Dave’s Diner, and it’s in a little strip center on Old Dixie. It is small, with only a few tables but man, it has some great food. Think soul food meets island food meets barbecue and you get the picture. Super Dave Harmon, whose place this is, has cooked at Ernie’s, Fifth Avenue Grill, Macaroni Grill and Carrabba’s, among others. But this little diner is all his now (he opened in 2011) and I loved it. Ok, this is just some of what he has: cornbread, pulled pork, conch fritters, baked beans, pigeon peas, collards, red velvet cake and hickory-smoked rib slabs the size of a screen door. The prices are low, the pulled pork and chicken is expertly seasoned, and there is cracked conch that is as light and crispy as it comes.

Moreover, Super Dave’s feels good. It’s tiny but the heart is big in there. So now you know Boca’s latest little secret.

Tell Dave that Swamp Daddy sent you.

Super Dave’s Diner

2150 N. Dixie Highway, Boca Raton, 561/544-0940