We often suggest grabbing your wallet before we break big shopping news, but in this case you may just want to go ahead and empty out that ol’ savings account.

Louis Vuitton has opened at Aventura Mall in Miami! Allow us to gush.

The luxury store is an experience, elevating your average shopping excursion into a whimsical, personalized event.

The experience begins before you’ve even thrown your car in park. The exterior of the mall is covered in the brand’s iconic flowers, which have been individually casted and hand set. The result looks like fabric has been draped around the building. The façade of this store is one of the first of its kind in North America…and it’s right in our own backyard.

Entering through the mall’s main interior? Don’t worry; you won’t be deprived of any beauty. Through gorgeous glass doors, you will find yourself standing in front of a giant video screen, portraying dancing blues and water colors. And framing either side of the entrance are two “paper cut” panels, featuring the work of artist Janaina Tschape. This themed, entrance art will periodically change, providing an opportunity to showcase other creative works that speak to the city and the culture.

Excited? Good, because you’ve barely crossed the threshold.

Head left after entering from the mall’s interior and you will find the men’s leather goods and accessories bar. (The spring line is sure to catch your eye, with florescent neon wallets and cardholders.)

Continuing on is the men’s footwear area, offering the brand’s entire range of foot apparel. Treat your feet to sneakers, tuxedo slippers, dress shoes, driving mocks and more. We were told that there are very few stores that offer this type of selection. The Miami Maison store is also the first the offer made-to-order shoes in North America.

In a private room (one of many), clients can choose between six shoe models, four types of soling, three different insteps, eight superior quality leathers (including alligator, ostrich and python), and from a range of colors to create their own unique style.

Further back you will find the men’s apparel area, offering Louis Vuitton’s full ready to wear line, ranging from fine suiting to casual attire.

In the center of the store’s ground floor is the LV travel destination area. Louis Vuitton was founded on creating extravagant trunks and travel accessories. Pick one, monogram it, and use it for all your worldly travels.

And now, ladies, the rest of this grand store belongs to you.

The back of the store is a gorgeous spread of women’s leather goods and accessories. It is a colorful explosion of belts, scarves, and wristlets. There is also a “bag bar” for women, complete with bar stools (really, really expensive bar stools) where you can order the purse perfect for you. There is a private monogramming area and consultation space as well, to give clients a break from the bustle of the mall.

Had you turned right at the entrance, you’d find the women’s high-end exotic bags, including the Sofia Coppola bags.

Now it’s time to head upstairs by ascending a three-radii grand staircase crafted from stainless steels, glass, teak, and a leather handrails. Leather handrails, people!

Upstairs you can shop Louis Vuitton’s fine jewelry and watch collections, including the new locket collection by the brand. There is another by-appointment space in this section as well.

Continue your stroll into the women’s footwear area, featuring scrumptious wedge sandals, ballerina flats, sexy heels, and even sneakers. Again, one of very few stores that gives you the whole spread. Classic black pumps? They have it. Spicy royal purple sandals? Oh, they have that too.

Glance across the room, and you will find LV’s ready-to-wear collection for women, which includes the most beautiful embroidered coat we have ever laid eyes on. The area is airy and feminine. We want to buy it all.

The last section to explore is the Haute Maroquinerie salon. (We just love saying the name.) This quiet area allows shoppers to create their own bag of their dreams. Choose from five iconic shapes, 26 colors, eight skin types and two sizes to make a completely unique purse. Each detail is your own. Oh, and if you are feeling overwhelmed by this decision making process, feel free to take a mental break on the private garden terrace.

That’s the wonderland of Louis Vuitton, and you don’t have to take our words for it. The store is open right now in Aventura. Go shop!