We have good news for our readers out in Wellington! Lush Cosmetics will open a new boutique in the Mall at Wellington Green on Thursday.

Lush recently opened a colorful shop in Town Center.

Allow us to recycle our words (as if they need saving) for this environmentally friendly shop:

The brand’s policy bands testing any products or ingredients on animals, and then goes one step further to say Lush will not engage with any suppliers that do.

According to Lush's website, this helps give “an economic incentive to suppliers and have convinced two companies to switch to cruelty free practices as a result.”

Lush uses as little packaging as possible. Bath Bombs, massage bars and solid shampoo bars don’t even have packing. For items that do, they use recycled (and recyclable), compost-compatible, and biodegradable materials.

The store’s carrier bags are made from 100 percent post-consumer recycled paper and are compostable. Shipments are even packed in biodegradable plastic bags, recycled papers and eco-friendly packing tape.

This store is committed to making customers feel beautiful and saving the world! If you aren’t already a Lush lover, we suggest starting with a bath bomb. They are the perfect remedy to a long day.

Happy shopping!