Whether or not Alex Watson inherits the history bug that has driven his father to pen dozens of outstanding books remains to be seen. However, it's clear that the son of Robert Watson—the esteemed director of American Studies at Lynn University—already possesses the writing gene. The younger Watson, a teen who attends Saint Andrew's School in Boca, has co-authored a book, Tsunami, with his dad. The enjoyment produced by that experience has compelled father and son to invite other Palm Beach County students—as well as their families—to join in the fun.

Between now and Aug. 20, lower-school students (grades 3 through 5) and middle-school students (grades 6 through 8) are being encouraged to enter a short story writing contest. Students may create a story on their own—or work with a family member. Students can submit works in one of three categories: 1) Action/adventure; 2) Thriller/Science Fiction; 3) Drama/Mystery/Comedy. Stories must be typed; length is six to 12 pages (double-spaced), using 12-point, Times New Roman font (in black).

Winning entries in each category will be featured in a book of short stories by TriMark Press, which published Tsunami.

Boca Raton magazine is a proud media sponsor of this project.

For more information, visit letswritetogether.com.