1) Four months ago, my boyfriend of three years got down on one knee and presented me with the most beautiful ring in the world. I said yes, and the past few months have been a whirlwind of colors and dress-shopping excursions and family phone calls. Other girls love this madness, but I am feeling lost. I feel disconnected from my man and stressed. I love him and don't know how to tell him all of this without sounding like I have cold feet! —Run

You plan on spending the rest of your life with this man, yes? If you don’t learn to communicate with him now, your future holds lots of struggle. Planning a wedding, having a baby, going to career changes, family conflict—these are all milestones you will encounter that will be stressful. Learn to face them together. Right now you are internalizing all this stress, and it’s not good for you or your relationship. Let him know how you are feeling. Once you open up, he will share his trepidation as well. You’ll find yourself connecting again. Remember to enjoy the process. Getting married is not about a dress or a party. It’s about making a committment to the one you love. Embrace that committment. The rest is just filler.

2) Hi Angela. I'm new to the area and met someone online who has also recently relocated to Delray. I'm looking for a few intellectual date ideas. I don't do the whole bar scene. —Kurt

You stumped me for a second with the “intellectual” part, but then I realized you can make any location, with the right chemistry, as romantic, fun, or intellectual as you choose. South Florida provides a great landscape for many pursuits that don’t include in the inside of a bar. Here are five unique date ideas for you and your date to explore together that don’t require yelling at each other over a crowded bar scene.

Poetry Reading: (www.thebeatcupcafe.com) Great people gather here to talk about life, listen to poetry readings and live music.  The last Saturday of every month they hold a Jam night, touting the best Jam Session in Delray Beach.

Wine Tasting: (www.crownwineandspirits.com) For $15 you can taste and learn about some of the best wines on the market.  Tastings rotate among various Crown locations across South Florida and have different varietals featured for each.

Watch the Sunrise: We are some of the fortunate few that live in a coastal area.  Appreciate your good fortune and take your date to the beach and watch the sun rise. Profound thoughts are sure to flow effortlessly.

Hot-Air Balloon: (www.windsweptballoons.com) Also experienced at sunrise, rising above the South Florida landscape in a hot-air balloon will provide you both with quite moments of relfection and peace.

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