As a young lady with more jewelry than I know what to do with, finding an appropriate way to store my valuables has become the ultimate mission. No matter what I do, there seems to be a continuous pattern of tangled necklaces, missing earring parts and scratched rings.

Boca Raton businesswoman Debra Elderkin, president and founder of the Royal Delgoti, has discovered a way for us to keep our favorite trinkets safe and sound. Having once struggled with the same issue of protecting her gems, Elderkin created a luxury storage line that has filled the needs of casual collectors and jewelry aficionados alike.

Disguised in the form of a wall mirror, the Royal Delgoti Jewelry Cache holds up to 500 pieces, organized and tangle-free. “It’s the first of its kind with this storage capacity, allowing you to store all your jewelry in one place,” Elderkin says. The cache has an invisible locking system, keeping your jewels safe without any easily recognizable locks.

“The overall design makes the ‘jewelry box’ part camouflaged into your home’s décor,” Elderkin continues. “Our product doesn’t take up any floor space, countertop space or closet space, so it does not intrude upon or take from your living space.”

What’s more, Elderkin says, “It’s ergonomically correct for any height, so there’s no bending or crouching to access your jewelry. We also have an optional music box accessory that is custom-made for our product. You can enjoy elegant harp music that begins to play automatically when the caché door opens to enhance your jewelry experience.”

Both the Delgoti Monarch, a traditional style, and the Delgoti Diamond, a more contemporary model, are beautiful pieces of work that can be considered functional art.

“When I first saw the prototype of my invention, I couldn’t believe how beautiful the jewelry caché turned out,” Elderkin says. “It’s one thing to picture it in your mind and even to draw it out, but when you see your creation right in front of you and can touch it for the first time, that’s priceless.”

Smaller sizes of the caché for people with less jewelry or a smaller space are currently being developed. Elderkin ensures they will be the same style and concept, delivering on the brand’s promise of enhancing the customer’s jewelry experience.

“I am continuing to grow the Royal Delgoti brand and am enjoying the journey,” Elderkin says. “Doing something that helps other people is the most rewarding to me. Whether I’m providing a solution that keeps people’s lives more organized and enjoyable, like the Royal Delgoti Jewelry Caché, or helping people navigate the waters to achieve more success and happiness through [], I’m continuing to grow and learn, and that’s exciting for me.”

Royal Delgoti products can be found at, and Elderkin can be reached at She is currently taking pre-orders, and products will be shipped to customers in mid-to-late July. For information, call 561/594-1600.