Angela: I have a first date this weekend and need to know where I should take the girl for a fun night out. I don't want it to be too fancy or too casual, and I also want to do something creative/different after dinner. I would prefer to stay in Boca. What do you think the perfect date spot would be? Please help!

I always think Mizner Park is a great venue for a first date.  There are so many restaurants and fun spots located in one place. If one location or vibe isn’t working for your date, you have many other options. A great first date would be to take her to a cooking class at Sur la Table.  They offer date night classes on the weekends where you learn how to create the menu and sample the food too.  If the cooking class is a hit and you are ready to extend the date, drive right over the Palmetto Park bridge and take her to the beach. It’s sea turtle nesting season, so it’s possible you might catch one of these majestic animals laying eggs on the beach during high tide. The moon this weekend will be big and bright.  That’s romantic, creative, and the perfect first date.  Let me know how it goes!  

I met this older guy at Mizner's Happy Hour last week and I may have lied about my age when we first met. We exchanged numbers and have set plans to go to dinner this weekend, but I am so embarrassed for him to find out my real age. For one, he will think I am a liar and two, he might not be interested in me once he knows my real age. I feel like I am too deep into conversation with him to come out with the truth now, but what if we end up hitting it off? How should I approach this whole situation?!

-Liar Liar

Dear LL,

Unless he’d go to jail for dating you, I’m not understanding why you would lie about your age.  Presuming you are of legal age, what was your fear?  Lying and saying that you are older than you is a sure sign of immaturity, so you kind of shot yourself in the foot on that one. Without making a big production, tell him you are actually (your real age) and apologize for not being truthful in the first place. Age should be a minor factor when looking at the connection with someone.  If you are vibrating on the same level, you will want to get to know each other regardless.

Stop lying about your age. Frankly, stop lying about anything.

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