It’s a sign of the restaurant times. . . even a popular, well-run, well-capitalized restaurant chain with its own unique market niche can’t swim against the economic and consumer preferences tide every time.

So come Monday, Oct. 14, after a 13-year run, Legal Sea Foods in Boca’s Town Center mall will go belly up, to be replaced with an as-yet unnamed eatery. The reason, according to spokeswoman Carla Marsh: “the recession hit, times changed and Legal Sea Foods’ model evolved.”

That evolution includes “a more contemporary, social experience,” Marsh said, one that to bring to the Boca restaurant would require an expensive, top-down reno, which when combined with the cost of flying in seafood from the chain’s Boston central commissary, “didn’t make business sense.”

Legal may be going away from our little corner of paradise, but it’s not going away. It’s planning to open a half-dozen new restaurants closer to its Boston home in the remainder of this year and next, bringing its total dining establishments to over 30. I’ll try to get more details and report back when I do.