Here are additional nuggets of business wisdom from the top executives featured in our centerpiece story from the November issue of Boca Raton.

Michael Yormark
President and CEO, Sunrise Sports & Entertainment (operations that include the NHL’s Florida Panthers)

On separating emotion from business: “One of the biggest challenges we have as leaders of professional sports teams is to stay the course and make good, sound business decisions. We do get caught up in the emotion of sports. Because of that, we sometimes want to win—at any cost. That becomes unrealistic. You have to balance making good business decisions with the emotional pull that comes with this job.”

On competing with other South Florida franchises: “The Miami Heat has raised the bar in this market with back-to-back titles. You’re happy for your competitor—but you want that for your own franchise. We want to win championships and bring the Stanley Cup to South Florida. We have to battle harder and work harder and bring more passion and energy to the office. And we’ll have to make the right decisions on the business and hockey side in order to get there.”

Jeff Rubin
Founder/CEO, It’Sugar

On marketing candy in a different way: “Nearly all candy stores cater to either children or they invoke that old-fashioned, retro look—your grandparents’ candy store. When my kids were little, they got excited going to CVS because they knew candy was in aisle 4. Why build a store for children who get that excited about going to the drug store?

“So I went right between there. We created a brand that we marketed to 20-year-olds. No one had ever really done it that way. That, along with the refreshing mantra of the brand and poking fun at society’s feelings about sugar, was very bold. And very risky. But it seemed to resonate.”