Dear Angela,

I recently got a new job and was relocated for a few weeks to do training in a different city (not saying where in case this reveals my identity!). I have a huge crush on one of the training executives, who has casually flirted with me on occasion. Do you think it's worth the risk to try something with him considering I won't be working with him directly in two weeks?

-More than on the job training

Let me get this straight - the hottie you have a crush on lives in another city, is in charge of your training (at a brand new job, no less) and the only green light you’ve gotten from him is a casual flirt...and you are debating on whether a hook up is a good idea.

The answer is no.  It’s stupid and reckless and completely not worth it.  Put your hormones on ice for two weeks, or find a different crush.

Dear Angela,

I come from a traditional Southern upbringing. I was taught that when a guy goes to eat with his significant other and her girlfriends, he's footing the bill because that's just the gentleman-like thing to do. One of my best friends just started dating a guy who had the same type of upbringing as mine. He came with us to brunch one day, and I watched him hesitate and then pull back when the bill came around. We ended up splitting the costs. Should I be offended?

-Southern Manners

Dear SM,

Cotton, cornbread and chitlins are all “Southern” things...expecting a guy will “man up” is universal.  This is not to say that I 100% agree with your southern graces taking offense, but I do think you have a point.

The classy thing for a man to do, when out with a group of women, is to pick up the check, particularly if said group of women are the confidantes of the woman you just started dating.  Nothing like making a good first impression, right? On the other hand, you don’t know enough about this guy yet to condemn his for his cheapskate ways.

Give him a second chance to redeem himself.

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