Alexandra Agro: “America’s Next Top Model”

• “I think my big personality helped [her be selected]. I’m smart, I’m ambitious—Tyra loved that, especially. It’s still a TV show. There’s a million beautiful people in the world. What makes you different, what makes you interesting, that’s the key."

• “They probably thought the idea of bringing the men and women together [on her season] would cause more drama. I know for a fact they were waiting for someone to hook up—someone sneaking in a room in the middle of the night. Instead, it slowed down the drama because the guys added a little chill to the room, instead of full-on cattiness.”

• “The biggest mistake that reality show contestants make is thinking that opportunities are just going to come swarming their way. That’s not how it works. My plan is to work extremely hard in New York City, model for as long as I can, and brand myself, the way that Tyra has.”