The old Delray Beach Farm Supply building has a new tenant, and it’s making its own place in town history.

Founded by five locals passionate about craft beer and the ocean, Saltwater Brewery is bringing west Delray the energy and excitement generally reserved for the Ave.

It features a beer garden with tables and benches made from reclaimed wood, charging stations so you can catch up on some work while sipping on a brew, large plush leather chairs and even a shuffleboard.

As much of the old barn was preserved – the original ceiling beams still in place! The reclaimed wood used in the beer garden is from the old barn doors.

The place is decorated with co-founder and artist Peter Agardy’s paintings, including an ocean mural that functions as a beer chart.

The chart is divided into three ocean zones: coastal, reef and offshore, with the shore on the left and ocean on the right. The further out you go into the ocean – or the further right on the chart you go – the stronger the beer gets. Coastal is 0-6 percent alcoholic content, reef is 7-9 percent and offshore is greater than 9 percent.

The darkness of the beer is reflected by how much light strikes the water or how far down the chart you go. The higher up on the chart the beer is listed, the lighter it is. As you close in on the ocean floor, the beer gets darker.

Co-founder Chris Gove says one aspect the brewery focuses on is educating people about the craft of beer.

The chart is one way to help people understand what they’re drinking. The brewery will also offer tours that walk visitors through the process of brewing beer.

Opening date is still tentative, but we’ll keep you updated as news surfaces. Watch Saltwater Brewery’s Facebook page to stay on top of any announcements.


Saltwater Brewery, located at 1701 W. Atlantic Ave., is owned and operated by Agardy, Gove, Bo Eaton, Bill Taylor and Dustin Jeffers. Agardy, Gove and Eaton were born and raised in Delray. Their motto: "Explore the depths of beer."