Here are four more celebrity fragrances that our Shop Talk writer put to the sniff test.

Fancy Love by Jessica Simpson

Cost: $49 for 1.7 ounces

Available at: Ulta

Product spin: “Romantic fragrance blends goji leaf, peach blossom, bergamot and blush champagne with notes of lotus blossom, peony, plumeria, jasmine and rose. Fancy Love finishes with a heady touch of creamy amber, blonde woods, musk and patchouli.”

Sniff test: This powdery fragrance projects a certain innocence ... at least that the intention. Its sweet, floral notes are the perfect accompaniment for a casual date or relaxing weekends.

Exotic Jasmine by Halle Berry

Cost: $28 for 1 ounce

Available at: Kohl’s

Product spin: “A sensual yet modern combination of jasmine blossoms that tempts the senses with a blend of seductive woody notes ...”

Sniff test: While it sells itself as a sensual perfume, Exotic Jasmine definitely falls into the category of a power scent—the type a corporate woman wears to establish her authority while still exuding femininity. In the end, the fragrance is nothing out of the ordinary.

Dreams by Mariah Carey

Cost: $49 for 1.7 ounces

Available at: Kohl’s

Product spin: “Bergamot, salted caramel apple, toasted almonds, star anise, freesia, honeysuckle, muguet, tonka bean, Madagascar vanilla, patchouli and warm musk.

Sniff test: Mariah Carey can’t get enough of the fragrance industry, mixing her 12th perfume, Dreams, early last year. While the scent boasts of uncanny ingredients, including salted caramel apple, star anise and bergamot and toasted almonds, there’s nothing mildly exotic about it. It’s a fruity and floral mix that’s playful and probably a safe bet for a first date.

Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker

Cost: $68 for 3.4 ounces

Available at: Macy’s

Product spin: “A scent of pure innocence with the exotic nature of a precious oil and the sophistication of a fine perfume. Lavender, orchid and amber mingle with apple martini, paper whites and musk.”

Sniff test: Sophisticated. That’s Lovely summed up in one word. Sarah Jessica Parker’s concoction takes you back to a time when you watched wide-eyed as your mom got all dolled up for a night out. It’s the scent she spritzed on her inner wrist after clasping on her pearls and telling you it was time for bed. Now it’s your turn to be that classy, chic woman. One spray is enough.

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