Amid the build-up for this week’s Festival of the Arts, another established cultural institution showed Boca that it also knows how to attract and showcase an all-star collection of artistic talent.

More than 800 attendees packed the auditorium at Spanish River High School Wednesday night for a sold-out presentation by Boca Ballet Theatre that brought together not one, not two, but six principal dancers from New York City Ballet. As one insider described it, dance aficionados would have to make multiple trips to the Big Apple to see on separate nights what Boca Ballet artistic directors Jane Tyree and Dan Guin, thanks to sponsor Madelyn Savarick, assembled on one stage for what was billed as “Stars of American Ballet."

The stars, on this night, couldn’t have aligned any better. Even those of us who don’t know a fouetté from a plié could appreciate the majestic performances by standouts Daniel Ulbricht, Megan Fairchild, Robert Fairchild, Lauren King, Tiler Peck and Andrew Veyette. As part of the evening’s sampler platter, dancers electrified the audience with vignettes from the likes of “Mercurial Manouevres” and “Swan Lake,” as well as a closing tribute to the music of George Gershwin—“Who Cares?”—that incorporated all six performers.

Afterward, Elizabeth Dudley hosted a wildly entertaining dinner at Seagate Beach Club in Delray, attended by the dancers and honorary emcee Steven Caras, that went on until well past midnight.

More than two decades after first introducing classical ballet to Boca, artistic directors Tyree and Guin remain as enthusiastic as ever about a discipline that continues to inspire local patrons and students of all ages. To wit: Current up-and-coming Boca Ballet students, 14 of which took the stage Wednesday for a post-intermission presentation, were abuzz about the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to share rehearsal space with six prominent New York dancers. Meanwhile, at dinner, an elegant and accomplished professional was effusive in her praise of Boca Ballet’s adult classes and the difference they had made in her life. She began the classes at age 52.

It’s no surprise that Boca Ballet has earned such national cachet given the passion and dedication of Tyree and Guin. Visit, or call 561/995-0709, and learn more about an organization that never fails to make Boca proud.

Pictured, from left: Tiler Peck, Robert Fairchild, Megan Fairchild, Steven Caras, Andrew Veyette, Lauren King and Daniel Ulbricht (photography courtesy of Silvia Pangaro)