Oscar Lopez, Season One winner of “Project Runways Under the Gunn,” is enjoying his winnings from the showa spread in Marie Claire and an original line at Francesca’s Collections are only the beginning for this ambitious designer.

This past Saturday, Francescas in Town Center at Boca Raton hosted a celebration for the Miami natives line, in which he was available for interviews, pictures and autographs. His line, the Capsule Collection, represents a Francescas girl with a bit of inspiration from Lopezs culture.

I am from the Caribbean, and a Francesca girl is very trendy you can see that in the colors and fabrics I chose,he says.

With six staple items, the Capsule Collection is designed to fit every body type. Lopez says he wants the girls who wear his clothes to feel flawless. Asking him to choose one piece to be his favorite was like asking him to choose a favorite child, he says: I love them allthe maxi dress is the color of magic and royalty, the print skirt is beautiful and has pockets, and the crop top can be worn with almost anything,he says. I just love all of the pieces.

Lopez hopes to work with Francescas again in the future if the store will allow him. For now, he is going to be working closely with his clientele for some personal designs for Ozcar G. Couture.

To purchase a piece from Oscar Lopezs collection, visit francescas.com/category/new+arrivals/capsule+collection+by+oscar+garcia-lopez.do.

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