For years, whenever I went back to California to visit friends and family I’d always stop by the local Trader Joe’s, a positively addictive combination of discount grocer and gourmet food shop with a quirky, good-humored, counter-culture-ish vibe.

With the May debut of Trader Joe’s in Wellington (2877 State Road 7, 561/656-1067) I don’t have to fly across the country to snag a few bottles of Two Buck Chuck or upscale frozen entrees or their luscious Nutella knockoff. But neither I (nor you) will have to make the trek to west county for your Joe’s fix come September, when a trio of new TJ’s are slated to open.

First in line is the Trader Joe’s Delray Beach, at 1851 S. Federal Hwy., just south of Linton Boulevard, slated to debut Friday, Sept. 5. It’s followed on Friday, Sept. 19, by a sister store in Palm Beach Gardens, in PGA Plaza. The Boca Raton Joe’s was scheduled to throw open its doors a week later, but a dispute between the company and city officials over whether to keep power lines underground is threatening to delay the opening. The Boca city council will make the ultimate decision, though it’s on break until July 21. So Boca-ites, keep your fingers crossed.

Oh, and one more tip. I don’t know if Joe’s will be carrying its handmade corn and flour tortillas at its new PBC stores, but if they do, buy them by the case. They put your average grocery store tortillas to shame.