A reputation for an artsy (if sometimes haughty) ambiance, shabby chic-meets-found objects decor and extensive wine list apparently wasn’t enough to save one of Lake Worth’s iconic restaurants.

Bizaare Avenue Cafe, long a downtown staple in its rambling 1920s-vintage building, is gone, replaced by The Island (921 Lake Ave., Lake Worth, 561/588-4488), a Caribbean fusion restaurant featuring all manner of tropical drinks and dishes, live music and a laid-back, party-hearty atmosphere.

The eclectic look of the old Bizaare is gone too. The dining room - jammed almost to bursting with mismatched antique tables, chairs and other furnishings and overflowing with knickknacks, tchotchkes and bits of whatever - has been cleaned out and lightened up, painted with bright tropical colors and outfitted with comfy booths and furnishings that actually match.

The menu references almost every Caribbean isle, from jerk shrimp skewers (St. Bart’s) and smoked chicken salad (Dominica) to mofongo with seafood broth and roasted fish (Puerto Rico) and pan-fried grouper (Key West). Tropical libations range from classic mojito and Planter’s Punch to more elaborate concoctions like Release the Kraken, a blend of Kraken rum, crème de banana, pineapple juice, grenadine, ginger beer and a lime wedge.

The party goes on every night, with live jazz on Mondays, reggae on Sundays and assorted music-specials in between.