Whereas nutritionists may tell you cut down on your sodium intake, Salt Suite will tell you take it up a notch.

Salt Suite is a treatment center that specializes in salt therapy, and it just opened up a second location in Lake Worth (5500 S. State Road 7, #110). The first is located in Delray Beach.

Salt therapy, also known as halotherapy, is thought to naturally help ease symptoms from respiratory, skin and other conditions. Visitors relax in salt rooms — Salt Suite imports 24,000 pounds of Dead Sea salt. Yep, that’s salt directly from the Dead Sea — while a Halogenerator machine circulates dry salt aerosol into the room’s air. All you have to do is sit and breathe to get the supposed benefits. 

I asked owner Jessica Helmer, who owns both locations with husband Elliot Helmer, about the concept and what visitors can expect. 

Boca Mag: Why did you go into this type of business?  

Jessica Helmer: A friend of mine visited a salt room in California and had amazing results for her allergies. That started the whole research process. Elliot and I wanted to start a business that would not only do well, but have an impact on people's lives. We could not believe that there weren't salt rooms everywhere.

BM: How would you describe the health benefits of the Salt Suite? 

JH: The Salt Suite provides a 100 percent natural way to help relieve symptoms for conditions like allergies, asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis, COPD, emphysema, ear infections, skin conditions, smokers cough, stamina or endurance and stress.  Sitting in a salt room is an experience like no other.  While relaxing in our recliners or playing in our kids’ room, you get to tune out the real world and leave knowing that you have also helped your body prevent sickness by boosting your immune system. Salt therapy [was] developed in the salt mines in Poland, where [it was] found the salt mine workers rarely got sick nor suffered from respiratory conditions. We are recreating that salt mine environment.  Salt therapy is still very new to the U.S.  

BM: Is there anything special about the salt you use in the rooms? 

JH: Today, modern science has proven the therapeutic and rejuvenating characteristics of Dead Sea salt with its unique composition of minerals. Medical research and numerous studies have all documented the healing effects of these minerals to treat skin conditions and other problems—arthritis, eczema, psoriasis—the list goes on. 

BM: What else do you offer at both locations? 

JH: Our Delray location offers yoga, tai chi and meditation classes. We use the same machines as [in] our salt rooms for our yoga classes.  The only difference is there is no salt on the walls and floor in our yoga rooms.  Lake Worth has a children's and adult salt room.

Helmer says she and her husband plan on opening a third location within the next year, though they still haven’t decided where.

Your first visit to Salt Suite is free, and if you’re hooked, make sure to take advantage of the new store’s opening specials. There are package deals — like 15 sessions for $360 (each session costs $35, so that adds up to $175 in savings). Membership options also provide greater savings for customers.

For more information about the West Lake Worth location, which opened July 28, call The Salt Suite at 561/429-5744. The Delray Salt Suite is located at 3100 S. Federal Highway, Suite 3, and can be reached at 561/316-7258.


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