Not everything with a crust, sauce and toppings is a pizza. Just ask Larry Schulsinger and Alain Amiel.

The pair of fledgling restaurateurs are the proprietors of the new Artizan Flatbread Co. (141 Via Naranjas, 561/395-0380), which recently took up residence in Boca’s Royal Palm Place. Instead of the ubiquitous pizza pie, they’re dishing up cracker-crisp rounds gilded with everything from classic Italian-American sausage and peppers to their own version of the traditional margherita to Buffalo chicken, shrimp scampi and goat cheese and veggies.

There’s more too—soups and salads and sammies and a handful of desserts, including the dessert that made (or helped make) New Orleans famous: beignets, here served with a wicked-sounding chocolate-hazelnut ganache for dipping. And don’t forget the short list of craft—or artisan—beers.

The place itself is cute and tidy—sage green walls with cream-colored wainscoting, hung with colorful artworks. Small tables with sturdy wooden chairs, another handful of tables under red canvas umbrellas on an outdoor patio. Flatbreads come in two sizes, with most larger ones priced at $15 or less and smaller flatbreads under $10. Just don’t call them pizzas.