When I look on facebook, I notice that some of the dancers are off on vacation. Brockelman is hiking around glaciers in Alaska and Dardano just hit Vegas and is now in Australia. I am not sure where everyone else is, but I know I am stuck here, trapped in my spanx and trying to learn how to do my number without rolling over my dance instructor James Brann like a cement mixer in heels.

You have to have confidence to go on vacation. I believe my competitors are perfectly happy with their 12 practices; I myself am thinking of moving into the ladies’ room at Fred Astaire the last two weeks before the Ballroom Battle so I can just strap on my dance shoes and spring out on the dance floor for spontaneous practice sessions, 24/7. In short, it’s one day at a time now and it’s hard. These kids have no idea that I am not 28 years old and the last time I shook my booty it was in Gainesville and Nixon was president.

On the fundraising front, my tables are filling up and I just snagged a new one—so if you want to be in my cheering section--which is full of dear friends and colleagues and loyal supporters—please buy your tickets asap and ask to sit at my table. Now! Please! It will be fun! And Bank of America has stepped forward to introduce me and sponsor my dance—which is wonderful news. This may be testimony to the fact that I have not bounced a check in years (I think), or it may be that the bank knows what a cool audience they’ll be speaking to. Whatever the reason, I appreciate their support immensely--and you can take that to the bank.

As for me, it’s time to drag myself up the stairs to the studio for yet another practice.

See you next week…