If you think you have what it takes to be the next Bobby Flay, then put your chef’s knife where your mouth is and sign up for the third annual “Iron Chef” competition benefiting the Boca Raton Historical Society & Museum.

To be held Friday, Jan. 18, at the uber-posh Boca Raton Resort & Club—a most appropriate venue, as Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto has one of his exquisite restaurants there—the competition pits several teams of 12 wannabe chefs against each other to determine whose cuisine will reign supreme.

It works like this: You can form your own team or sign up individually and be assigned to a team. On the Big Night, a secret ingredient will be unveiled that each team has to use in each of the four courses they are to prepare. A panel of “celebrity” judges—including yours truly—will pick the winning team, which will get a bunch of medals and prizes and the right to shout, “Allez cuisine!” whenever they feel like it. Winners will also be chosen for best wine pairing and table decoration.

Tickets cost $175 and can be obtained here. See you in Kitchen Stadium.