The restaurant-eating space on the ground floor of 217 E. Atlantic Ave. that was once Atlantic Ocean Club, then a pop-up, then Spoonfed may have finally met its match. And that match was upstairs the entire time.

That would be Buddha Sky Bar, the wickedly stylish, third-floor, small plates ‘n’ sexy cocktails pan-Asian eatery, whose minuscule space was typically as crammed full of hungry, happy diners as its various downstairs neighbors were empty.

Already planning to take over the second-floor space, which it will now use for private parties, Buddha is also claiming the capacious ground-floor space, which it hopes to unveil in November as “Buddha Garden.” The 120-seat Garden will feature a sleek, contemporary red, gold and chocolate color scheme, along with sushi and sake bar, waterfall, and indoor and outdoor bars.

Though the look and feel of the space will be different, the menu will remain the same, so if you’re jonesing for their killer Wagyu beef skewers with twin chimichurris or ridiculously delectable dessert bento box but not so jazzed about waiting for a free table, you are indeed in luck.