This week at the big Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Vegas, in between the super-HD 80-inch TVs and the rest of the over-the-top must-haves for crazy Americans, Polaroid will unveil its new Fotobar concept—and one of the experimental stores is debuting right here in Delray Beach sometime this year.

The idea is to allow all of us everyday cell phone photogs and Instagram people to be able to download, correct, amplify and otherwise correct and perfect favorite photos we have taken—with the help of in-store “phototenders” and work stations equipped with filters, contrast and brightness control, and more. Different printing papers can be selected, photos can be matted or mounted, the works. It’s a new artisan hands-on approach for amateurs to develop (sorry) their own photos, with as much help and instruction as they want.

The new west Delray Marketplace location will be as sleek and sexy as an Apple store, and will feature a multi-purpose room called “The Studio” which will host classes and events, or studio work.

Why Delray? Why Not? The sleepy little village-by-the-sea image long ago morphed into a place that is happening and innovative—look at all the events, the Delray Downtowner, Santa on a helicopter, a five-block long dining table, John McEnroe lobbing tennis balls on the street, dinner in the sky. It only makes sense that we would become the next test market for cutting edge ideas.

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