In last month’s issue of Boca Raton magazine, we reported on hybrid fitness machines that look and perform like nothing we’ve ever seen. This summer they are more popular than ever. It all started when I was running down A1A between Spanish River Boulevard and Palmetto Park Road, and this crazy looking contraption passed me. Gliding by was a man on what looked like a cross between an elliptical machine and a bicycle. It’s called the ElliptiGO, an amazing piece of equipment sold at Busy Body in Boca Raton (8903 Glades Road, Suite H13; 561/477-1929; It isn’t cheap (there are three models, starting at around $1,799), but after testing it in the parking lot I was quite impressed. Plus, I was stopped by three passersby because it looked so fun. The ElliptiGO is popular with distance runners, but anybody can use it. It’s a low-impact workout that is great for cardiovascular health, strengthening core muscles and developing better balance. Haven’t you always wondered how great it would be to bring the stagnant gym elliptical machine outdoors? I have. That’s why I love the ElliptiGO.

Also seen on South Florida roads is the WingFlyer. I saw a mother-daughter pair on WingFlyers at Patch Reef Park in Boca Raton. The easy-to-use contraption is a cross between a step machine and a scooter. It gives you a complete lower-body workout, strengthening the hamstrings, glutes, calves and quads. But the real bonus is that it's so much fun, you don’t even realize that you’re working out. There are four models (child and adult), starting at around $250. The WingFlyer is available at multiple locations (more than 20 in South Florida alone). Visit for retailers.

Last week on AIA in Delray Beach I saw roller skis. I thought these things were just a (sub)urban legend. Turns out, they are real—and the most vigorous workout on the list. A cross between inline skates and cross-country skis, roller skis were developed so cross-country skiers could train in the off-season. You get the cardiovascular benefits, calorie burn and body-toning benefits of skiing but without the freezing temperatures and snow. Roller skis are low-impact and great for the knees. You can try them out for a two-week rental for $60 at or call 866/244-2570. Ski and pole packages start at around $350.

Race of the Week

The Boca Road Runners are holding their annual Memorial Day Family Affair 5K, Monday May 28, at 7:30 a.m. at Lifetime Athletic Boca Raton (1499 Yamato Road; 561/208-5900). There will be a post-race party at the pool with food and prizes. Proceeds benefit the Life Time Foundation, whose goal is to inspire healthy people and a healthy planet one mission at a time, beginning with proper nutrition and exercise. To register, visit or call Lifetime Athletic.