Purium Health products founder and author of the Green Foods Bible, David Sandoval was in town last month to talk with doctors about his 10-day Transformation Challenge. The challenge, he says, breaks food addiction, results in weight loss and skin tightening, without starving the body’s needs for nutrients.

We spoke with Sandoval, who is based in Los Angeles, and is known for his work with some well-known names in television. Here’s what he had to say:

Boca Mag: What is the 10-day Transformation Challenge?

Sandoval: For years and years, I’ve been working on perfecting the super low-calorie, super high-nutrient diet, using all organic foods, super foods...There are no isolated chemicals, things like that.

Boca Mag: Define a “super low-calorie diet.”

Sandoval: It’s under 1,000 calories; oftentimes, 500 calories [daily].  

Boca Mag: How does someone live on so little?

Sandoval: I lived for more than a year on 200 calories a day, on a type of eating called Breatharianism. You have to live in a sunny environment to do it. You have to drink a lot of water. I lived on 40 ounces of wheat grass a day for more than a year. About once a week, I’d have half a banana or something to keep the motility of my intestinal tract.

Boca Mag: What did you achieve?

Sandoval: Knowledge. I wanted to find out just how many calories the human body needs to survive, and what I found out was it has almost nothing to do with calories. It has to do with nutrients. So, I began to study super high-nutrient, super low-calorie foods, and found out that they were the key to our survival.

Boca Mag: What is the problem with the foods we have?

Sandoval: The problem is that we consume foods that actually inhibit our bodies from absorbing nutrients. It’s not that the nutrients aren’t in the food we’re eating. Let me give you an example...The most important thing in a blueberry is the color. So, that pigment has a receptor site...in our brain, heart, joints, ligaments, that is antiinflammatory. But, what happens if we have red dye number 2, or 4 or 6, or other fake pigments? Well, they actually go to that receptor site, but they can’t pass the door and clog the gate. So, when you do eat blueberries, [they can’t work].

Boca Mag: Tell me more about the Challenge.

Sandoval: You’re going to survive on some amazing super foods. [You take] a protein, called Master Amino Acid Pattern. In 22 minutes, it’s predigested. It’s a perfect combination of non-soy, vegan protein, and it’s combined in such a way that it will not go through your kidneys. It goes directly through lymph fluid to your muscles. It’s used in hospitals to stop a disease called muscle wasting. [With this protein] you force your body into an anabolic state...and you force your body to burn the fat.

We’ve had people lose 300 pounds and have tighter skin at the end than it was in the beginning. So, the master aminos do a lot of things: tightening the skin matrix, returning elasticity, and making sure you are anabolic instead of catabolic during this process.

[There’s a drink component to the Challenge.] We have total cellular satisfaction in the drink. The drink has something called activated barley...It’s the slowest burning carbohydrate, which turns into a gel and attaches to your intestines, for hours feeding energy, so it never becomes fat or sugar. The next [ingredient] is spirulina, which is the most nutrient dense green food on the planet. We use the outer shell of brown rice—only the soluble part—that’s extremely rich in B1, B2, B3, B6 and other energizing foods. Then, we add wheat grass. You drink three power shakes a day.

The third component is something that’s unusual. It’s a fruit juice--a tart cherry concentrate. There’s more ellagic acid in my tart cherry concentrate than in pomegranate juice and more of what makes blueberries so healthy than in blueberries. It also has melatonin, which helps you sleep really deep.

[The Challenge] totally satisfies all your body’s cellular needs for nutrients.

Boca Mag: What can people expect?

Sandoval:  For three days your body wonders, 'Why am I not eating?' And it gets your body, sometimes, to panic mode. But by day four, your cells are [happy] because they realize they have everything they need.

It’s really an amazing experience. We used to do it for seven days. And people would extend it because they’d feel so good. So, we extended it to 14. But, what I found was that people reported that days seven through 10 were amazing, cathartic experiences. So, I had to push it to 10, because I was cutting them short at seven, asking too much at 14 and everybody told me the magical, spiritual thing happened between seven through 10.

Boca Mag: How many people have done it? How much does it cost?

Sandoval: Almost 10,000 people. It’s about $18 a day.

Boca Mag: Are you a doctor?

Sandoval: No. I’m a formulator, educator, phyto-chemist. I work with some of the top doctors; I’ve been touted by the National Cancer Institute. I design products for Cancer Treatment Centers. I’m great at teaching people to be well.

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