Still searching for the perfect gift for your sweetheart today?  Not much time and a limited budget? Here are five meaningful Valentine’s Day ideas I gave WXFL Fox 29’s viewers this morning that are easy to create and certainly won’t break your bank.

1. Make a playlist of "your" songs and burn a CD. She'll love listening to them in the car over the next few weeks and you can also play as background music that evening.
2. Handwritten note. We spend lots of time emailing and texting, but when was the last time you actually wrote your words out for someone you love?

Forgo the greeting card and tell him how you really feel. Pick out beautiful stationary and put your feelings down on paper. He'll enjoy reading them over and over again.
3. A trail of rose petals and candles. There's a reason why it works in the movies. Every woman dreams of coming home to a trail of rose petals with a candle lit bedroom. Simple. Elegant. Perfect.
4. No box of chocolates. Store bought chocolates are cliché. Give him something he really enjoys. Put together a box of his favorites things- maybe he loves Twizzlers or even something as simple as single cupcake in his favorite flavor. Let him know you've paid attention and know what he really likes.
5. Dinner at home. There is nothing sexier than a man that takes over the kitchen. We don't need to spend tonight in a crowded restaurant. Pick up a few groceries and a bottle of wine and entertain her at home.
And lastly, do something really special that extends your thoughtfulness well beyond Valentine’s Day. Write out 10 sticky notes and hide them in places he/she won't find immediately. (Think medicine cabinet, sock drawer, desk, & nightstand). Write about things from your history together- what she wore on the first day or the setting for your first kiss. Having your partner randomly find memories of your love will give them Valentine's Day 365 days a year.