That there’s a hullabaloo on Clematis Street isn’t really news. That there’s a Hullabaloo on Clematis Street is.

Let me explain.

A regular old hullabaloo is defined by Mr. Dictionary as “a clamorous noise or disturbance.” The upper-case Hullabaloo (517 Clematis St., 561/833-1033) is a new, Italian-esque gastropub from nitelife-dining maven Rodney Mayo.

With former Gratify chef Fritz Cassel heading up the kitchen, Hullabaloo is making some tasty-sounding culinary noise, with dishes like flame-roasted marrow bones with orange marmalade, duck confit ravioli with lemon vinaigrette and roasted pork and porcini risotto. There’s also a roster of mixological cocktails named after famous musicians, from Billie Holliday to Janis Joplin to Tupac.

Inside, the exhibition kitchen is dominated by a wood-fired stove that dispenses everything from pizzas to chicken meatballs. The long, narrow dining room boasts brick walls, red-and-black leather banquettes and white marble tables. It’s not a large space, so when things get crankin’ on a busy weekend night, you can bet there’ll be one serious hullabaloo.