Dear Angela,

My boyfriend half lives at my apartment, and my roommate just told me she thinks he should start paying for part of our utility bills. The thing is – I half live at his place too, so I end up using half the amount of utilities I would otherwise. She says it doesn’t matter, but I think the numbers speak for themselves. How do I make her see that without causing a fight? – Nomad

Dear Nomad,

Unless your boyfriend is a neanderthal like Bluto Blutarsky from Animal House, how much could he really be adding to your basic bills? Ok, so maybe he ups the water bill a few pennies when he showers but solve that by showering together. Well, it is better for the environment.

Your roommate is being petty and this is most likely not about money but a passive aggressive attempt to express the fact she doesn’t like him staying over so often. Do yourself a favor. Get a new roommate or make your sleepovers at his place.  

Dear Angela,

I’ve fallen out of love with what used to be the guy of my dreams. There’s no specific reason – just that the feelings faded away. Should I try to rekindle things or let it go and accept that we’re not meant for each other? – Used to be in love

Dear Used to be in love,

It’s over. Kaput. Sayonara. Throw in the towel...Capisce?

When you can’t put your finger on what it is, but you know exactly what it isn’t, understand that there is very little you can do to get that spark back.  Relationship problems can be solved, but where there isn’t a specific problem other than you’ve fallen out of love, it is time to move on.  It doesn’t make it any less sad, but know you are doing him a favor by letting him go to find someone who does find him the man of her dreams.

You’ve already done the hard part by being honest with yourself that you aren’t in love with him. Don’t drag out his pain any further.  Bite the bullet and end this relationship.

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