Boca Raton native Bryer Tindell opened Beehive Fitness (152 S. Federal Highway; 561/393-7090; in 2008 after working in the fitness industry for many years. The inspiration behind the facility began when she started to think that fitness wasn't about health anymore.

“Everywhere I taught and trained, it was about contracts and antiquated fitness,” Tindell says. So she opened her facility in beautiful downtown Boca Raton for people of all shapes and sizes. She also firmly believes that fitness is a way of life and that participation in the community is vital. That’s why Beehive Fitness is always involved in charity events, working with groups like Habitat for Humanity and participating in races like Dunn's Run ( We asked Tindell about her studio, her way of life and for some fitness tips that everyone can do to improve their health.

BRM: How has fitness helped your personal health struggles?

Tindell: Two years ago, I was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer. It was an overwhelming time, but I was fortunate to have the best doctors around me. During my recovery, I remember my first walk outside, crossing Federal Highway to go to the beach. I was always an avid runner, so it was the first time I had the perspective of someone unconditioned. I didn't think I would be able to get across the road in time (before the light changed). At that moment, my clients were in my head, giving me the strength and courage to go the distance. I think I walked six miles that day.

BRM:What makes Beehive different from other, similar facilities?

Tindell: I see the set workouts that are popping up all over the place, but these studios are strange to me. Why would I go to a place that treats every body the same? People have individual needs, and we at Beehive Fitness make sure they get a custom experience. We offer weekly diets, monthly assessments to make sure we are delivering the results our clients came in for, and we have a team for anyone that wants to run races from 5Ks to Ironmans. We also offer a full array of classes from yoga to cycling to boxing.

BRM: What advice do you have for beginners that want to start a fitness routine but may be overwhelmed or don't know where to begin?

Tindell: I’m a fan of indoor cycling and Pilates. Both disciplines can get a “newbie” started, and both classes are discreet enough so people don't feel embarrassed or self-conscious if they have to tone it down or stop completely. Our athletes usually start with these and add in more disciplines after a few weeks, depending on their confidence level.

Stuck behind a desk all day? Here are Tindell’s tips for better health:

1. Stand up! When you get a phone call, stand. When someone walks in your office or comes by your cubicle, stand. If you can, try to get up every 20 minutes.

2. Write the alphabet with your feet every day to strengthen your shins. It helps avoid shin splints and improves mobility in your ankles. You can do this under your desk!

3. I love the “4 stretch.” While seated, cross your ankle over your thigh so that it makes a “4” shape. Don’t worry if you don’t feel a stretch – it’s still working and opening your hips. Hold the stretch for three deep breaths (or approximately 20 seconds). Don’t hold for longer than 60 seconds.