Angela, I’m getting desperate to find the right guy.  I’ve gone on way too many pointless dates in my opinion.  I’m considering going to a matchmaker to help weed through men for me.  Do you have anyone that you would recommend? Do you think modern day matchmakers are full of bologna? --Marissa

Marissa, desperate? No, No! That’s a dirty word. With that mindset, we either choose Mr. Wrong to avoid being solo or run everyone off altogether. When desperation sets in, even a matchmaker can’t save you. If you have a clear picture of the type of mate you are interested in meeting, a Matchmaker is a great dating tool. Like a personal shopper helps someone fill their closet with the right outfits, a matchmaker helps you fill your date card with the men that meet your criteria. A Love Concierge, if you will.

A good matchmaker spends a considerable about of time with the client and picks up on non-verbal clues. Sometimes what we don’t say is more important that what we do! And yes, I think matchmakers are still effective and successful even in today’s technology driven dating scene.

I would love to get a dog with my beau who I’ve been dating for two years. Unfortunately, he claims that when he’s brought a pet into past relationships, the relationships quickly fall apart. I don’t believe a pooch can jinx a relationship. How can I tell him he’s being ridiculous. --Barkless

Barkless, unfortunately you do not have an ally in me on this one. While I agree with you that a dog probably isn’t the reason the past relationships failed, your man has made it pretty clear that he’s not sold on bringing a dog home. You should respect his wishes.

A dog is a big responsibility and will change the household dynamics. If both partners aren’t equally committed, it’s just not a good idea.

Valentine’s Day is coming up and it’s my LEAST favorite holiday. I usually go to some slasher film with my single friends and end up washing down my hatred with a bottle of wine. Well, this year all of my friends are in committed, loving relationships…which leaves me alone. Do you have any social solutions for avoiding this barf-worthy holiday? --Tessa

Tessa, I feel your pain. It’s no fun being single when everyone you know is cuddling with Cupid. Rather than looking at it as a day you are missing out of love, turn it around and make it a day to love yourself. Get a manicure, go shopping, treat yourself to a hot bath, a glass of wine, and a guilty pleasure read. Boost your spirits by taking care of your needs.

The law of attraction demands that like attracts like. Focus on the positive aspects of your life rather than having the mindset that you are “alone”. Love happens 365 days a year, not just one. When you do find the right partner, make your own Valentine’s Day…every single day.

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