1) My mom is trying to fix me up; I’ve never met the girl. Should I initiate a conversation via Facebook or should I text? —Bewildered

Neither. You need a lesson in Dating101. CALL her. Like, on a phone. Yes, you actually speak with her. Your mom knows her and is the one facilitating this set up, Dude. Initiate a conversation and tell her that your mom thinks highly of her—and that you would love to take her for a drink/coffee/dinner, or whatever floats your boat.

P.S.: I always think a phone call is warranted before a date. Text or email is fine to start the conversation, but when you are going in blind, at the very least, one phone call is necessary. Physical chemistry can only be detected in person, but if you don’t get the vibe for each other on the phone, you probably won’t in person either. Plus, the first date is way less awkward if you’ve already broken the ice.

2) I am suspicious that my boyfriend is talking to other girls. Is it wrong for me to do some snooping through his phone, Facebook or e-mail? —Patrice

I don’t advocate snooping, and I’ll tell you why. You always find something you wish you hadn’t, and it’s an invasion of someone else’s privacy. How are we supposed to have civilized relationships with each other if we can’t honor this basic courtesy? But, it is hard NOT to snoop, especially if your gut instinct tells you that something is going on behind your back. Trust your gut, and talk to your guy about it instead of snooping. Your gut instinct is never wrong.

3) Angela, should the guy always pay on a first date? —Cash-strapped Pete

Yes, Pete. And he should open the car door, pull her chair out, walk her to the door, and initiate a follow-up call (whether he desires a second date or not.) She should be on time, take care with her appearance, laugh at his jokes, and thank him for paying for dinner. Call me old-fashioned, but this formula has been working for ages. No need to change it now.

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