Angela, My boyfriend and I hang out with my best friend, who is single, quite a bit.  She doesn’t mind being a third wheel, and the three of us typically have a good time together.  But my boyfriend now slips on occasion and refers to me by her name.  He did it once when we were in bed.  What am I to make of this? —Perplexed

Perplexed: Your boyfriend wants to sleep with your friend ... or he is already. While it’s nice that the three of you have been spending time together, this can produce intimacy that can lead to them gettting together. Without accusations, you should discuss the name switch up, particularly the bedroom fau paux. See what he has to say. It may be nothing more than a crush or you could uncover something bigger, but it must be addressed ASAP.

You once wrote that it takes you like 10 seconds to assess a man.  How does someone who needs a little time to warm up before his personality kicks into gear stand a chance with you? —Nervous, but Hot for Angela

Dear Nervous: There’s no need to be nervous around me. I’m really very approachable but if I smell fear I’m not interested. (It’s that whole alpha male thing.) There’s always the initial unconscious decision of, “Am I attracted to this person?” everyone makes in the first few minutes of meeting, but getting to know anyone takes time. If you are yourself, the right one will enjoy your company.

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