Dear Angela, I’ve been in the works of planning a huge surprise party for my wife’s birthday. A few days ago, she told me she’s looking forward to a day of just staying home and relaxing. I’ve already booked and put down non-refundable deposits on a caterer and venue. Should I cancel and live with the money loss, or go through with it and hope she ends up liking it? -Don’t want to be a Party Pooper

Dear PP,

Women speak in code. Saying we want to stay home and relax actually translates to,  “I sincerely hope you have something awesome planned for my birthday.” When was the last time you saw a woman get mad about being surprised with something amazing? How about never.

She will love her birthday party. She will love how thoughtful you were to coordinate it all, and most importantly she will be impressed that you were able to pull off a surprise party without her figuring it out.  Rarely can you surprise a woman.  We have a sixth sense called snooping so be cautious with your plans until this party has been pulled off without a hitch.

I’m about to adopt a dog with my boyfriend, and he heard that there’s such a thing as a pet pre-nup – a guarantee that if we split up, our beloved pup goes to who we decide is the rightful owner. Do you think it’s worth it? – Dog Lover

Dear Dog Lover,

Sure. You can draft an informal agreement about pretty much anything, and in this case, I actually think your boyfriend’s suggestion is prudent. We all know break ups happen, and it’s fairly unpredictable who will stay together and who won’t.  Decide now who will be responsible for your dog should you two not make it for the duration, and before you sign those adoption papers, make sure you can live with that decision.

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