The beach just got even better, thanks to Florida entrepreneur Emily Stroud and her line of vibrant playa-perfect bags.

Stroud is the founder of Hayden Reis, a budding luxury accessory company based in Sarasota, Fla. Her unique, neon collection of totes, wristlets and compartment bags is turning heads along the coasts, and are now no stranger to Boca’s beaches. Our very own Alene Too now carries the line.

Hayden Reis’ bags are not only being noticed for their bold colors, but the material they are crafted from. Stroud uses Dacron sail cloth to construct her designer line.

Sail cloth is super durable, water resistant and sand resistant. With the addition of decorated hearts, suns, evil eyes, palm trees, sea horses, and pockets (oh, lots of pockets), Stroud has found winning combination for all Floridians.

“Being a mom and being super busy, I like having everything in the right spot, so adding all those pockets and the liner really made it that much more perfect as a beach bag,” she said.

Beach, and mother, approved.

Stroud, who previously worked as a pharmaceutical sales rep, is gaining popularity fast.

In November 2011, after noticing she was unable to find a really great beach bag for her family’s beach excursions, she decided to create her own. By March, she had her first batch of samples, and a few short weeks after that local Sarasota stores were selling her line.

“I’m one of those people where I get my mind set and I go,” she said. “It is who I am and it’s paying off.”

In addition to large and medium totes, Stroud has designed smaller bikini bags (perfect for damp suits) and sunscreen bags. The fabric is machine-washable. No mess. No worry.

“We live in Florida, beach season is all year round,” Stroud said. “[The bags] really appeal to everyone in some way or another.”

Hayden Reis’ striped line debuted this fall and contains more “conservative” colors. Look for the citrusy pink, orange and white large tote, or throw your sandals in a pretty lilac and gray bag.

The original applique collection has beautiful tie-dye bottoms with large four-leaf clovers, pink fish with gigantic yellow fishing hooks, and playful whales.

The upcoming spring line (which will be available to consumers in January) includes zippers and shimmery leather flamingos.

What else is on the horizon for Stroud? Possibly more masculine colors and diaper bags.

Oh, and lots and lots of success.

Do you want a Hayden Reis bag of your own? Swing by Alene Too, or order online here.

Happy shopping!