Last night was one of Boca Raton’s feel-good nights: The George Snow Scholarship Fund Annual Awards Reception—the showcase event (this year at Royal Palm Yacht & Country Club) at which deserving scholars from throughout our area get the kind of help they will need to start college. Last night, 63 scholars were awarded an unprecedented $433,000 in scholarships, plus a stuffed swag bag (including a laptop) that any college kid would covet. This is 29th year that the Snow family has been awarding hard-working kids in dicey circumstances a leg up—in the name of the family’s late father, George Snow, who died decades ago in a helicopter crash. We often write about this organization because it’s the kind of grass-roots endeavor that has become synonymous with this community, and is now its own success story. People, organizations and businesses step forward every year to donate to the cause, to sponsor scholarships in a loved one’s name, to give deserving kids the kind of assistance that is life changing. So here’s to Tim Snow (pictured), Lisa and Jeff Kelly, Jennifer Snow, Jeff Snow, and all the workers, donors and students who pull together to make a difference. With all the lousy news floating around these days (not to mention LeBron’s last game), it is supremely gratifying to see so much good at work, and so many students on their way to whole new lives. If you want to help, please call 561/347-6799 or visit