It’s official! The first day of summer—June 21—will from now on have a big chance of snow in the forecast—Tim Snow, that is. This week, in a private ceremony, Mayor Susan Whelchel, Palm Beach County Commissioner Steven Abrams and members of Tim Snow’s George Snow Scholarship board of directors, proclaimed that June 21 would hereafter be known in Boca Raton as Tim Snow Day!

Tim Snow heads up the George Snow Scholarship Fund, named after his father, who died in a mysterious helicopter crash decades ago in the Bahamas. His father was an educator, then a developer, but fervently believed in giving kids who worked hard a leg up—especially those in tough circumstances. Over the years the organization has become one of the most successful non-profits in the area, and continues to help more and more kids get to college.

Mike Arts, former CEO of the Greater Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce and a board member of the George Snow Scholarship Fund board, said, “The George Snow Scholarship fund has been in existence for 30 years, awarded over $5 million is scholarships to over 1,300 of our kids. We thought it was time that someone said 'thank you' to Tim for a job well done. Few in our community have contributed to the development and the future of our kids and our community as Tim has. Tim is like the Energizer battery, he just keeps on keeping on.”

Here’s to Tim—an official Boy of Summer forever!